How To Prepare for Surgery

Updated: Apr 20

Surgery is a dangerous and anxious time. The best way to mitigate risk and accelerate convalescence is to prepare. Pro-activity is key and get resourceful.

Sue shares her experiences how she prepped for her husband's knee surgery. They practiced getting in, out, up and down and through your home and car. Consider the weather, snow can be a challenge. Decide which is the easier door to use.

This preparation paid off once the surgery was completed. Create a list of challenges and address prior to the surgery.

Advice is given on what to do if someone falls down, how to pick them up and get them into a chair, or in some cases, call 911. They speak at length is a gate belt, a wide thick strap that is long and used to wrap around a person and lift. Be trained before attempting a lift.

Beware of dogs! In their exuberance, they can cause chaos.

Give friends and neighbors a heads up on the surgery. Prepare them so you can call them up for help in a moment notice.

1. Be Proactive

2. Use Your Resources - borrow what you can

3. Talk to Your Doctors - ask questions and record answers

4. Prepare - cook meals ahead of time.

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