How to Address Issues in Nursing Homes

Updated: Apr 20

Write down the facts of issues that your loved ones face in a nursing home. Facts matter and will allow you to keep your focus plus keep the emotions in check. These kinds of observations create possibilities. With facts in hand, ask what can WE do about it.

Skilled nursing facilities post the number for the state ombudsman. Facilities do NOT want visits from the ombudsman. Just the threat of a call can make a difference. For the most part, staff truly care. Unfortunately they are often spread too thin.

When choosing, watch how the staff interact vs the decoration of the facility. It's the people that matter. Find out the facilities specialization for rehab. Find a place best equipped for your loved one.

Don't be afraid to ask for help and get others to advocate for you. Find the facts, bring in people from the outside, work with the team and find solutions.

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