Aroma Therapy for Caregivers

Updated: Apr 20

Aroma Therapy for Caregivers

Due to limits on psychotropic medications, there is an impact on patients who have behaviour issues. Aroma therapy speaks to that challenge. Sometimes medications are the correct choice, but too often they have been misused with side affects.

Aroma therapy can be used to help sleep, increase appetite and improve mood. There are many alternatives so it's best in incorporate one at a time to test success. Take a scientific approach. Start with one and attach to a habit. Secondly, it's important to be consistent and understand how oils work together. Like food, some people have an allergic reaction. Sometimes this only occurs when two are mixed.

Never use essential oils "neat". Adulterate them before use. You can over due it without dilution e.g 1% rate. Carrier oils are used to mix. Over use can cause issues with your animals as well.

Aroma therapy itself does not cure sickness. Instead they kick-start your own body to fight chronic disease.

Diffusers should be used sparingly, only 15 minutes at a time. Otherwise you can overwhelm your olfactory system. Lavender was recommended as a starter. Liked by many and inexpensive.

You want GCMS tested, high quality in pureness products.

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