How It All Began...

I didn’t set out to start a company like Life with Dignity. I have been a business owner for 14 years. I own a little company called Remedease. It started out as a professional organizing company to simply support people who were overwhelmed from life crisis or just didn’t have the gene that 40% of us get and the other 60% wish for, (the organization gene). It was a simple dream. What is that saying? “Man makes plans and God laughs.” Let me just say I make him laugh a lot. The good thing is I generally am aware when I am being led.

Over the years Remedease grew a reputation for helping with the most difficult cases. I developed a personal reputation for assisting “Compulsive accumulators”, (Hoarders) with working with their disorder. A few years ago Remedease began expanded services in the area of advocacy. Simultaneously, the opportunity to collaborate with American Bank and Trust to start a OBRA trust in our community. It was because of these events that Life with Dignity and the Life with Dignity Pooled Trust emerged.

I personally have a special training and experiential training background through Remedease, as a guardian, foster parent and care giver/advocate for my own mother, brother and uncle.

We have a focused specialty in Mental Health; an area that we believe is under-resourced. Together this team is motivated to serve collaboratively for the betterment of those in our community.

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