If you have a loved one that is elderly or suffers from a life challenging disability you may find yourself overwhelmed, wandering through a complicated system.


At Living Life with Dignity, we are your navigators, blazing the trail of your life's journey.

We go the extra mile.




“The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.”


Our initial assessment, refined through years of experience and expertise, is the first step in our journey with you. This is the guide we use to understand your loved one's needs. With this guide we can map out your loved one's  journey and help you identify the support you need and implement a life/care plan that suits you and your loved one . 


From our online community to our in-house services and resources, there is help for everyone navigating CareGiverLife.

We offer the support you need - from building well-rounded life plans to identifying resources and geriatric care management services in the Chicago, Illinois area.

We build realistic, well-rounded life plans for adults with disabilities or mental health issues, and the families caring for them. We know and work with the most trusted care agencies, specialists, attorneys, trust officers, accountants, financial planners, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, clergy, outreach programs, and assisted-living/rehab facilities  throughout the Chicago area. We quickly connect you to your specific area’s best resources and facilitate the life/care plan going forward. 
Our Geriatric Case Managers are dedicated healthcare professionals with a background in nursing, social work, gerontology or psychology. They specialize in Medical, Psycho-social or Memory Care needs and are trained to help family caregivers by assessing the particular needs of a family, the level of care needed, and the living situation. Most importantly, they help navigate the medical system and plan and supervise care.
It is always better to be proactive than reactive. Planning for your future needs can keep you independent longer and be more cost effective. If you put a Power of Attorney in place with someone you trust and you provide them with a detailed account of what you want (or don’t want), you are more likely to be cared for the way that you want and your money will go further.
In situations where an individual hasn’t prepared and they become incapacitated, a guardian may be appropriate. As experienced and socially conscious corporate guardians, we are committed to maximizing the independence of the people we care for, while ensuring that every one of their unique needs is met through our knowledge of the various services involved in their care.
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Master’s degree in Gerontology

Fran Piekarski, President

Fran Piekarski, President

Certified Professional Guardian

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Mary Ellen J

Mary Ellen J



"The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination."

Our core purpose is to ensure that each of our clients live a life with dignity, no matter what their mental or physical state. We advocate for our clients in systems that grow more complicated each year.


Using the tools of Life/Care Planning, Geriatric Case Management, Power of Attorney/Executor and Guardianship, we help people sustain stability in their life journey. This relieves families of the stress of managing the many needs of a loved one with mental health issues, developmental disabilities or dementia.

Private consultations and seminars are available within the Chicagoland area and surrounding regions.


Caregiver Life with Dignity